Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Rodha maintains strict confidentiality when it comes to safeguarding the personal information that the users provide while registering themselves with our website. Our Privacy Policy has been designed in order to convey all that you need to know concerning the assembling, usage, and revelation of personal data and information that the user duly provides to our website. Hereby, the user is kindly requested to go through the Privacy Policy prior to using, or registering personal data on our website. Usage of our website establishes your agreement to the Privacy Policy. Submit data at your own responsibility, keeping in mind that by doing so you permit the assortment, usage, and revelation of personal data in view of the Privacy Policy.

Information that is assembled and way of use in Rodha Online Platform of Education

Info that the user provides directly to us

We gather information to deliver quality service to the user. Our website inquires the user’s first name, last name, email, phone number and other private data as soon as the user clicks on the Sign Up button to register himself and access the packages provided in this website. There are packages and subscriptions which require online payment to be made. This too is handled with utmost caution and security. Credit or Debit card details, account number, password for net banking and all such highly confidential data is strictly protected providing the user with an extremely secure mode of payment.

Reasons behind assemblage of private information

Personal information is required to identify the user who has registered himself and is now seeking to login to access and use the website., Personal data is needed to furnish the user with the information essential for receiving the necessary service, to confirm that the user is provided with accurate response and feedback, whenever needed, concerning the assessment and results of the mock tests he performs for better revision. Private data is also required to provide a suitable understanding of the course and syllabus. The personal data that is provided facilitates in delivering to the user, expedient admittance to the service, offers and end products, and will certainly assist in tailoring out the user’s learning experience.

The user’s agreement to the Privacy Policy of Rodha Online Platform of Education

Whenever the user accesses this website, he/she automatically consents to our Policy of Privacy. This Privacy Policy document succeeds all previous interaction on the required subject and echoes the complete and all-inclusive Privacy Policy for our website. However, the Privacy Policy is governed by the Terms and Conditions of Use, that takes priority over all contradictory Policy provisions. Our website might alter the Privacy Policy by presenting a brand new description of the Privacy Policy on this Website.

Copyright law of Rodha Online Platform of Education

All the data that is presented, communicated or passed on “” is made secure by the copyright policy and Intellectual Property rights and laws. The user is strictly prohibited from altering, reproducing, distributing, reposting, performing, demonstrating, or monetarily exploiting and abusing the website content under any circumstance.