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Rodha – About Us

In today’s highly competitive world, getting educated is simply not enough. The knowledge has rapidly become one of the most valuable commodities and this has challenged the education system to inculcate dynamic curriculum every year. Today’s youngsters have become incredibly smart which has further added an advantage of having all the information at their fingertips. The credit goes to the internet and its rapidly rising medium of communication.

  However, despite a huge potential of our youngsters in our country, the quality of education seems to be shifting downwards. One of the major causes of this downfall is the saturation of high-quality education centers around us. When a bright student does not have open access to relevant information, he is unable to use his potential to full extent. With the rise in the commercialization of the educational system, the competition is extremely prejudiced against genuinely bright students who have true merit for success. The dearth of resources is one of the main reasons that bright students today are not able to reach the summit of academic success

Rodha Educational Solutions for the Right Career

With Rodha Online Education Platform, we are all set to change this situation. After discovering this widening gap between potentially bright students and the right resources they need for attaining the success, we started Rodha Educational Solutions to provide an efficient and affordable way of learning to all students irrespective of their background.

Realizing the true power and reach of the internet, we began to provide students with the most relevant, effective and efficient learning materials through easy online learning courses. To ensure that lack of monetary resources is not a hindrance for academic excellence, we also provide 10% of our courses completely free of charge, apart from offering the complete course for comparatively lesser price than the other online education sites

  Our aim through this endeavor is to bring an educational revolution in the world, by providing efficient and affordable online educational courses to all students without any discrimination.

 Why Choose Rodha

These are the salient points which make Rodha Online Education Platform a smart and responsible choice if you are preparing for CAT, SSC and IBPS:

·       10% Free Course Excess – Students get free access to 10% of the course content for any subject, for a lifetime, once they have registered with us

·       Efficient 24x7 Support – We provide prompt and excellent FAQ support helpline round-the-clock, for the ease of our students

·       Effective course material – We provide lessons using advanced learning methods, which facilitates to bookmark instructional videos

·       Easy Subscription plan – Once you have enrolled yourself in our educational courses, you will be given access to easy monthly, quarterly and annual subscription plans

·       Money back guarantees – We provide 7-day money back guarantees once you join us, so that you can test the high quality of learning courses provided by us

·       Comfortable learning – We develop a comfortable environment through convenient and flexible online learning programs

·     Interactive education – We provide extensively interactive learning programs which help our students to concentrate better on their career’s progress.

We at Rodha Educational Solutions are here to help you achieve your true potential in cracking CAT, SCC and IBPS competitive exams through easy, effective and convenient online learning courses. To know more about how you can take advantage of our services, simply give us a call, or drop in an email, using the contact details given along