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CAT Verbal section is the most challenging section of the exam. With almost 85% of engineers writing this test, this section becomes very crucial to score high marks. In this section we shall be covering all the topics that are asked in the exam right from Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension to Critical Reasoning and Verbal Logic. This section is divided into five modules with each module covering different areas tested in CAT


The flow of the lectures has been defined in such a way that the lectures first start with the required Concepts and techniques that are needed to solve the questions from that area, followed by practice questions from that area and additional videos on previous CAT questions


We have tried our best to cover all sub-areas asked in the test with the required amount of practice questions from each area. We wish you a very happy learning with Rodha


Verbal Introduction

CAT English section includes. Verbal Reasoning and Reading Comprehension are integral parts of the section. Comprehension can be further divided into statistical, descriptive and analytical types. The section also aims to test your understanding and usage of English grammar. It comprises of questions on vocabulary, an arrangement of paragraphs, sentence correction, identification of types of sentences etc. Once you have figured out what you can expect in this section, you can start preparing for it by following these simple tips:


Improving vocabulary skills

To begin with, invest in a good dictionary, learn new words and practice synonyms and antonyms. There are even super cool apps that can help you to learn a few words daily and enhance your vocabulary skills. They are gamified as well, so you can actually have some fun using these apps. Your vocabulary can be bolstered by a lot of reading. More on that in the reading comprehension section


Become a Grammar Pro

While you definitely don’t need to become a grammar Nazi, the following tips will help you get your grammar up to the speed of the CAT vocabulary section: The vocabulary section in CAT will require you to understand the meaning of phrasal verbs and difficult words. Make sure you specifically practice them.For arrange in order section, you need to understand the meaning of the words first and make the connecting link before rearranging it


Ace Reading Comprehension questions

 If you have to get better at reading comprehension, make sure that do you do the first bit diligently – reading! You can start with reading newspapers and magazines and then progress on to books from different disciplines including arts, history, philosophy, and technology. Don’t get bogged down by tedious passages as you can expect them in your test too. Start by understanding the construction of the passage and then look for the meaning of words, sentences, and context. Don’t try reading too fast to save time. Experts believe a good reading comprehension speed is around 250 words per minute. To answer the questions in this section, you need to understand the writer’s main idea and key purpose. You don’t have to choose the answer based only on what is agreeable to the writer’s point of view


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good course

sidharth kashyap

Mar 02, 2018

nice videos.

Divya Suryadevara

Nov 30, -0001

nice videos

Divya Suryadevara

Nov 30, -0001

great content covered in very crisps manner.

Divya Suryadevara

Jan 31, 2018

nice videos and useful content

Pavan Pk

Jan 21, 2018

content and the quality of the lectures is good

Desam Narsa

Jan 21, 2018

Very good

Jaipal Pola

Jan 20, 2018

QA Forum

Swati Vasista

How the CAT verbal section tests the manager in you?

ReplyFeb 07, 2018

Arindam Sengupta

CAT is a very well rounded test, which tests the necessary skill sets from a Manager's point of view. For instance, the Sentence Correction questions tests the ability of a candidate to understand complex structures with an eye for detail. Questions on Reading Comprehension tests the ability to compress the information without changing the overall meaning. Similarly questions on Critical Reasoning and Verbal Logic delves deep into the ability to look at the logic and reasoning behind any logical system. The idea of all these sections in CAT is to ensure that a candidate is tested on all traits of being a Manager.

Feb 07, 2018

Divya Suryadevara

Why is RC such a major component of the CAT exam?

ReplyFeb 07, 2018

Arindam Sengupta

Reading comprehension questions often include strategies for tackling certain, discrete skills, like vocabulary, identification of main ideas, and comparisons within and between texts. What makes reading comprehension such a complex thing is that all this has to be done in a certain time limit. With strong emphasis on lateral ability to understand information, RC is used as a major component of CAT exam

Feb 07, 2018

Jeevitha N V

Your course is enough for concepts on cat or do I need any extra materials like Arun Sharma book

ReplyAug 15, 2018


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