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CAT Quantitative Aptitude section is probably the best definite and the most voluminous course overall. Quant course is one of the most feared sections of the test, because majority of the individuals are not very good with numbers and this necessitates a lot of practice. Apart from the basic mathematical principles, Quant also includes modern math.


The course is designed to simplify the preparation process. It employs a Zero to Zenith approach to learning; which implies that the instructors will begin from the basics and take you to a difficulty level that is 30% above the CAT questions.


Rodha helps you in getting the required level of practice, will equip you with the logic and shortcuts that can facilitate you in the exam.


Quantitative Aptitude Introduction:


Since the course is very extensive a big chunk of students generally makes the error of spending too much time on it. On average students expend 75% of their time practicing for merely the quantitative aptitude section while ignoring the other two sections. Given underneath is the structure of the Quantitative Aptitude division. The course can be divided into 5 sub-parts:


  • Number System
  • Algebra
  • Arithmetic
  • Geometry
  • Modern Math


Number System:

: Numbers is an immense topic when it comes to preparing CAT. It incorporates numerous confusing concepts and theorems. This can be sub divided into LCM, HCF, factorial, remainders, and miscellaneous topics. There are around to 6- 8 questions on the exam.



Algebra has over 7-8 questions on the exam that exhibits the sheer importance of learning about this. It can be sub divided into linear equations, polynomials, modulus, graphs etc. For CAT only aptitude level of Algebra is evaluated.



Arithmetic consists of 12 to 14 questions on a CAT exam, which means that it is essential to practice this. Sub topics include ratio proportion variations, percentages, time and distance, interests etc. All of these concepts are thoroughly explained in the course which ensures that you will be able to attempt numerical and MCQs.



Similar to numbers, geometry is a wide topic that requires an individual to grasp several concepts and formulas. This course offers a perfect blend of logic and shortcuts that can aid the preparation procedure. The videos obtainable envelope all the concepts so that one can easily attempt the questions on the exam.


Modern Math:

Modern Math includes probability, permutations and combinations. Given that this topic is generally not taught, the videos incorporate a basic understanding of the concepts and the steps that can be employed to top this area. For this section, there are only 2 questions that appear on the exam. However, these concepts can be tested on the LRDI section. These topics are imperative for when you have to appear for interviews as well. These questions test your thinking skills.


In order to excel at the CAT you must be aware of the relevant sample papers and updates linked to a particular section. Not only will this facilitate you to prepare for the exam but also offer the opportunity to catch up with the topics that you might not be good at. Rodha provides you a platform that can aid you to attain necessary information that you require to ace the test.


We welcome you in this amazing opportunity to join the quantitative aptitude course and ace the test!

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Reviews & Rating

where to clear my doubts regarding quants??

Pratik kumar

Nov 30, -0001

Teaching is good, But some concepts are half taught and videos are incomplete. Worst thing is Rodha is unreachable via call as well as mail. I am not sure even this rating would be viewed/picked up by the them.

Meet Thakkar

Mar 09, 2019

Many videos are incomplete. I tried reaching Rodha so many time but the number is switched off. No reply on e-mail till date. Please don't go for this coaching.

Saurabh Mishra

Oct 02, 2018

A must for the CAT that will ease the way in which you prepare for the exam

Sep 09, 2018

The concepts are crystal clear. The level of difficulty of questions is parallel to the actual CAT exam.

Aug 27, 2018

solutions of quiz are not provided...that's not good... that's why rating it 2 out of 5

pankaj Sharma

Nov 30, -0001

Ravi sir you are not just the best quants teacher but a great mentor too.

Ayesha Zia

Nov 30, -0001

quality of content and videos is very good

Mahesh Kacham

Mar 02, 2018

very good course

sidharth kashyap

Mar 02, 2018

very good content

Swati Vasista

Mar 02, 2018

very good lectures at very reasonable price

kamath abhishek

Mar 02, 2018

Every concept is explained in detail

Divya Suryadevara

Mar 02, 2018

QA Forum

pankaj Sharma

please give the solutions of percentage quiz

ReplyJul 22, 2018


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